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Translators Without Borders and the Wikipedia 100-language project

Translators Without Borders is an amazing organization of volunteer translators using their skills to make the world a better place. One project worth noting is an ambitious effort to translate valuable Wikipedia articles into 100 languages: The 100 x 100 Wikipedia Project envisions the translation of the 100 most widely read Wikipedia articles on health issues […]

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Will FedEx plus TNT equal an improved global website?

As FedEx closes its acquisition of TNT Express, I see an opportunity for FedEx to improve its global website. In the recent Web Globalization Report Card, among delivery services companies, FedEx finished dead last. TNT supports 37 languages, compared with the relatively paltry 27 languages that FedEx supports. Hopefully FedEx will embrace a new language baseline […]

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Do your web developers know about Globalize?

Today, the JQuery Foundation has announced availability of Globalize 1.0: Globalize provides developers with always up-to-date global number formatting and parsing, date and time formatting and parsing, currency formatting, and message formatting. Based on the Unicode Consortium standards and specifications, Globalize uses the Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR), the most extensive and widely-used standard repository of […]

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Starbucks: The best global retail website

For the 2015 Web Globalization Report Card, we studied 10 retail websites: Best Buy Costco GameStop Gap H&M IKEA McDonald’s Staples Starbucks Toys R Us UNIQLO Walmart Zara Out of those 10 websites, Starbucks emerged as number one. Here is a screen shot from the German site: McDonald’s leads the category in languages supported, with 39 (in […]

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Adobe points to external localized tutorials

Adobe provides French, German and Japanese tutorials for Photoshop Elements. But what about other languages? Until the funding comes along for additional translation, Adobe directs users to tutorials created in Spanish, Polish, Dutch and Russian. Simple and smart. I don’t know what more software companies don’t do this. PS: Adobe ranked #9 overall in this year’s Web […]

BMW & Chevrolet: The Best Global Automotive Websites

For the 2015 Web Globalization Report Card, we studied 14 automotive manufacturers and one supplier (Michelin). Audi BMW Chevrolet Ford Goodyear Honda Hyundai Land Rover Lexus Mercedes Michelin Mini Nissan Toyota Volkswagen Out of those 15 websites, BMW and Chevrolet emerged in a numerical tie for number one. BMW and Chevrolet both support an impressive 41 languages, in addition to […]


Why you should be using geolocation for global navigation

In the 2015 Web Globalization Report Card, slightly more than half of the websites studied use geolocation specifically to improve global navigation. This is up significantly from just a few years ago. Geolocation is the process of identifying the IP address of a user’s computer or smartphone and responding with localized content or websites. Companies that […]


Google to the Internet: Go mobile or watch your sales rank fall

Four years ago, for the Web Globalization Report Card, I began noting (and rewarding) those websites that supported mobile devices. Even then one could easily see the virtual grounds shifting in favor of mobile devices. But at the time, only about 20% of the websites studied supported mobile devices. In this year’s Report Card, the majority of websites are […]