Aussies love .AU

Keeping in mind that this is a survey funded by Australia’s registry, the data points pretty clearly toward a preference for .au over .com. From the announcement: The report found .au remains Australia’s home on the Internet with more than double the level of trust over any other namespace. George Pongas, General Manager of Naming Services at […]

Google reenters the domain name business

It is being reported that Google is venturing into new territory by getting into the domain registration business. This isn’t completely accurate. Google dabbled its feet in domain registration years ago. And a few months ago Google began accepting registrations for its Japanese TLD. But perhaps Google is serious this time about domains. I suspect it is, […]

No, it’s not blowing over

From the Wall Street Journal: Brad Smith, Microsoft ‘s general counsel, tried to illustrate the problem Thursday at a technology conference by recounting a meeting a month ago with corporate-technology executives in Berlin. One of them came clutching a copy of the recent U.S. federal magistrate ruling forcing Microsoft to turn over a user’s emails and […]

Mozilla frees web browser from mobile language limitations: A Q&A

I was intrigued to read recently that Mozilla is working on updating the Firefox Android mobile browser, codename Fennec, to allow the browser to offer more languages than the underlying Android system currently supports. Typically, apps leverage language support from the underlying operating system, which can sometimes be limiting. So it’s nice to see Mozilla moving beyond this limitation. […]

The United States has a privacy (branding) problem

I first wrote about the negative impact the Snowden NSA revelations would have on the US tech industry  last year. Many people thought (hoped) this issue would have gone away by now. But it’s not going away. Nor, in my opinion, should it go away. That’s in part because new revelations keep leaking out. But it’s also because […]

dotConfusing — What you need to know about the next wave of top-level domains

My latest post for client Pitney Bowes on making sense of the hype concerning the new generic TLDs. An excerpt: The first wave is rolling in More than 1,200 gTLDs have been applied for so far. You can check the status of each domain online ( and learn more about what each applicant plans to do […]

The best global travel websites (and why)

There are now more than one billion international travelers, making the travel industry a benchmark for web globalization innovation and excellence. So I’m pleased to be presenting a free webinar — sponsored by Lionbridge — to discuss my analysis of the leaders within this exciting industry, along with lessons for all companies. My presentation will […]